Home Stay Facilities

It is important for operators of home stay facilities to comply with all relevant legal requirements and regulations. These include fire and health safety standards. Moreover, home stay facilities are required to provide emergency lights and smoke alarms in the guest rooms, corridors, and staircases. They must also have two fire extinguishers and adequate ventilation systems. Lastly, they must provide hot water and sanitary equipment.

Government policies and local authorities have set standards for homestays and grant permission to community members who meet these standards. These facilities must be clean, reflect the local culture, and be safe from wild animals and inclement weather. In addition, they should provide a dining area, hangers, and a bathroom. They should also be run by a member of the family who can speak English. Homestays should also display a menu with prices.

When choosing a homestay, always check its amenities before booking. Generally, homestays provide breakfast and morning tea, but it is always a good idea to check for other meal options. Some homestays have kitchens that you can use to cook your own meal. You may wish to ask the owner if the homestay has a microwave or refrigerator.

Homestays are a great choice for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They typically have less than 10 guests, making them more personal and intimate than a hotel. Guests can make new friends and meet new people in a home stay. The environment is also conducive to relaxing and unwinding, both of which are beneficial to the overall experience.

Homestays are also a great way to promote local culture. They are usually located near attractions and important cultural landmarks. They not only promote tourism and the local economy, but they improve the living conditions of the locals. And when combined with other tourism activities, homestays can help a destination create a deeper cultural experience.

There are over 2,000 homestay facilities in Bengal registered with the Bengal tourism department. Of these, nine hundred and seventy-four are located in the Kalimpong district. The city of Darjeeling has a total of 200 homestays. There are also many other districts in the state with homestays. The Bengal tourism department hopes to introduce a dedicated homestay portal before the Durga Puja festival. In addition to listing homestays, the new portal will also provide information about nearby attractions and transportation.

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