Home Use Products

Home use products are a growing market that enable patients to continue using medical technology at home, regardless of where they live. These products are intended to increase patient independence and quality of life. The increase in home use devices is partly due to an aging U.S. population and partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also affected many other countries. Manufacturers of medical technology products have found it necessary to adapt their products for home use to meet the demands of this growing market. However, the shift in the intended user creates different risks for products liability and the safety information required. The changes in user intention mean that the content and information required for home use products must be written differently than those required for clinical use.

To create a home use product that is both convenient and easy to use, it is vital to understand the user’s needs and context. For this reason, designers should watch and talk with prospective users and work to incorporate flexibility into the design. In contrast, hospitals and other healthcare systems look at product purchasing as a business decision that has to be fulfilled. Their procurement staff will check boxes and fulfill their obligations.