5 Bedroom Decor Trends for a Stylish and Relaxing Space

Bedrooms should be cozy, relaxing spaces where you can unwind and be yourself. From neutral colors to vibrant statement beds, these decor trends can help elevate the appearance of your master suite.

Try mixing antique fabrics with modern materials for a fresh new look in your room. Designers appreciate how combining multiple patterns on wallpaper, draperies, and headboards can create a tranquil ambiance throughout an entire bedroom.

Warm Woods

Natural tones make the bedroom atmosphere relaxing, and wood accents add an earthy element. Paint wood paneling in soothing hues of green or brown for an organic touch or leave unpainted and stain it for an intimate ambiance.

Earthy colors like teal, warm browns, terracotta and burgundy add depth and richness to a bedroom color scheme, making for an eye-catching combination. Pair these earthy hues with warm neutrals for optimal results.

Engage the natural aesthetic by adding natural elements such as woven textiles, rattan and wood furniture, clay decor items, indoor plants and bold-patterned bed covers and throw blankets. With these changes easily changing season by season without full room redesign.

Bold Patterns

Geometric patterns have long been popular bedroom decor ideas. From Art Deco’s bold look to Victorian elegance, geometric patterns are in style for bedroom decoration ideas. To avoid becoming overwhelming or disorganized, try pairing furniture or accent pieces like throw pillows and rugs with angular shapes that feature rounded edges; velvet finishes also help elevate this timeless classic style.

Minimalism remains a popular trend, yet Planner 5D expert Alexandra Cooper cautions that an all-white room may feel clinical and empty. To create a cozy yet welcoming retreat space for personal enjoyment she suggests adding color and pattern with accent pieces like rugs, window treatments or artwork that add interest.

Swooping headboards, arched mirrors, and seating with sloped silhouettes add grace and beauty to bedrooms. Incorporating natural elements like weeping fig or aloe vera plants helps create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere in any bedroom space. Plus, this natural style works wonderfully alongside other trends such as botanical prints or wallpaper featuring floral imagery!

Floral Wallpaper

No matter your taste, there is a wallpaper out there to meet it. Just remember that scale of patterns matters as too large of prints could easily dominate a space.

Consider what type of artwork or photos will work well when selecting your wallpaper. A floral motif works beautifully, but be wary when selecting pieces which compete with or feature similar hues as your wallpaper design.

Just changing out bed skirts, throw pillows or duvet covers is another simple and cost-effective way to add color and pattern into your bedroom without breaking the bank. Plus it gives you a chance to explore different trends such as fabrics, colors and textures that may never have crossed your mind before!

Moire Silk

Moire fabrics, an exquisite and relaxing bedroom decor trend often found in 18th-century portrait paintings of fashionable aristocrats or as the grand wall coverings in gilded royal bedchambers, make an exquisite and relaxing statement in bedroom decor trends. Their intricate, rippling pattern adds drama, while their soft sheen evokes luxury and decadence.

Mixing patterns and textures is one of the cornerstones of this master bedroom design trend. By pairing floral and geometric wallpaper with more subdued solids or linens, a balanced space is created. Wallpaper accents can also help draw attention to specific walls without fully covering them – try placing a single wall with an eye-catching print, such as Ethnicraft Shoreditch or Gabbia chairs, for instance.

Natural colors such as soothing greens or deep forest hues help promote relaxation in the bedroom. Pair these calming hues with carefully placed wooden pieces – like these ebony-stained shelves in Kara Childress’s restful room design – for maximum impact.

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