How to Decorate a Living Room Entry

When decorating a living room, it is important to distinguish the entrance from the rest of the room. Most guests enter the house through the living room, so it is important to create a welcoming space. Choosing a neutral color palette is ideal. Light colors create a welcoming atmosphere and neutral shades create a harmonious feel. Choosing a light color for the entry is an excellent option. It can also create a separate mood from the rest of the room.

One way to make your living room entry accessible without blocking the entrance is to use a rug. A large area rug placed parallel to the inner edge of the entry door creates a semi-block, which creates an area for visitors to remove shoes and coats. A small Pietra L02 side table can serve the same purpose.

Another idea is to use an impervious floor covering in the entryway. It will provide a clean transition and can also provide extra storage. House Tweaking recommends matching the entry furniture to the wall color. This will avoid creating a cluttered and unappealing area. You can also use a wall-mounted set of drawers to store items in an elegant way.

Another way to design a living room entry is by using feng shui principles. The entry is considered an important location to enter a home and the placement of furniture should support the flow of chi. Keeping the entrance in a place where visitors can see it can promote happiness and harmony in your home.

Using contrasting wood finishes and furniture can create a visual distinction between the living room and entry. A walnut cabinet in the living room will set a different mood than a warm maple cabinet in the entryway. Likewise, furniture in contrasting paint colors can also create a distinct mood. Using blue or cream painted cabinets will create a visual contrast between the two rooms.

While design choices are plentiful, there are some limitations that you must deal with when designing a pass-through living room. Consider your purpose for the space and embrace its limitations. A walk-through living room will never be completely accessible, so you should always keep this in mind. If you intend to make use of this room, make sure you include seating arrangements that make it easy to move around.

Another way to decorate the living room entry is to make the area opposite of the seating area accessible. Avoid placing furniture that will block the doorway. Also, keep in mind that you need to balance the heights of your windows and seating area. A break-front profile is best, which slopes back at a shallow angle towards the nearest doorway. The center part of the break-front is deepest, while the sides taper inward to create easy passage.