Designing and Building Custom Home Theaters and Entertainment Spaces

Home theaters provide an ideal setting for watching movies with family and friends. A dedicated home theater space can provide an ultra-cozy environment for watching films together.

Deliberate theater rooms typically boast larger screen sizes and video projectors designed to perform well under controlled lighting conditions. Dark hues are recommended to limit ambient light reflections off both screens and walls, and dark-toned rooms may help reduce ambient reflections off both surfaces.

Designing a Home Theater

Home theaters are more than entertainment systems; they’re an opportunity to transform a space to reflect you and your family’s individuality. Our experienced designers work closely with you to understand your individual needs and desires in order to craft an unforgettable home cinema experience.

Start to finish, we analyze the location in your house for your home theater before determining its size and dimensions. Using “Golden Ratio’s” rules, we ensure your theater will be situated optimally and can comfortably host an audience.

With larger budgets, home theater designs may incorporate features like a stage or Proscenium as well as decorative acoustic panels, moldings around the screen opening and ambient lighting if desired. Your designer will provide photo realistic renderings to help you visualize what your new theater will look like before committing.


Home theaters require careful planning. A professional designer can maximize space utilization through a professional seating layout, electrical layout, construction drawings, ceiling plan and sightline study.

Home theaters don’t need to be dull rooms clad in reds and blacks – this airy space utilizes natural woods for a soothing zen-like ambience while rice paper lanterns and pull-out projector screens add cinematic appeal.

This luxurious movie room boasts an expansive sectional with ample seating. Electric orange chairs and polka-dot fringe pillows add pops of color, balanced out by zebra-patterned flooring and recessed lighting that is combined with path lighting. A popcorn machine completes this home entertainment experience.


Home theaters can be more than just technological marvels; they should also incorporate decor and atmosphere for maximum immersive experience. Build Montage has done just this with their amazing tech combined with soothing lighting, comfy recliners seats and artwork that fits the theme of their room.

Home theaters come in all sizes and types, but all of them provide comfortable viewing. Modern meets contemporary in this space by offering lounge-worthy sectionals in various colors and patterns, which helps make sitting feel like part of the experience while keeping an open floor plan.

Foam and felt panels can help optimize the acoustics in a media room by being mounted to both walls and ceiling. Installing these is generally straightforward, while keeping wall colors neutralized is another bonus feature of their use.


Homeowners dream of creating the ultimate movie room experience within their own homes, but to make that a reality requires more than installing just a screen and surround sound – it requires sophisticated AV solutions and smart lighting for an immersive cinematic experience.

Dimmable ceiling fixtures are recommended in theaters to limit light spillage and preserve vibrant picture quality, while accent sconces can help guests navigate walkways or stairs between tiers while adding an elegant yet moody aesthetic to the space without interrupting movie viewing.

Are you ready to transform your media room into an unforgettable cinematic experience? Contact us for a complimentary consultation, where we’ll assess your needs and suggest the perfect solution to fit both lifestyle and budget. Many of our clients love entertaining in their media rooms, which means we also create the ideal setting for relaxing family movie nights!

Surround Sound

Home theaters provide families with an easy way to reconnect through technology while increasing its resale value.

Home theater rooms use speakers to simulate surround sound. Speakers should be evenly spaced from each seating area on either side and in the center to give viewers the experience of sitting in an actual theater.

Home theaters utilize acoustic treatments on walls and ceilings to maximize sound quality while isolating it from other parts of the house. Soundproofing products like isoTRAX acoustic panels, premium sound-insulating barriers and Quiet Batt insulation help ensure sound stays within its confines, rather than spreading into other parts of the home.

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