The Beauty of Minimalism – Simplifying Your Home and Life

Minimalism is an approach to living that emphasizes cutting out unnecessary distractions in order to focus on what truly matters in life, which can reduce stress levels, save money, and give meaning and purpose back into one’s existence.

Being a minimalist doesn’t necessarily equate to cheap or unwilling to invest in items that will enhance life; indeed, investing can bring long-term gains such as purchasing a new car or taking an intensive Spanish language course in Barcelona.

1. It’s easier to clean

Clutter can be distracting and stressful; when properly organized spaces provide inspiration and refreshment. With less clutter in your bedroom, office and car it will become much simpler to keep them tidy – helping you sleep better at night, work efficiently with no interruptions and travel wherever needed in a more organized fashion.

Minimalists spend less time cleaning and worrying about their stuff so they can devote more energy and focus on things that truly matter – their family, hobbies, or activities that bring them joy.

Minimalism can also help the environment! Our culture of overconsumption takes an immense toll on resources used and waste produced, but minimalism helps minimize those impacts while making our planet cleaner.

2. It’s easier to organize

Clutter can create an unruly living environment, making it hard to stay organized. Even if you tend to be neat, when everything has been scattered about it can be hard to keep track of things.

Wasted time searching for misplaced or forgotten about items can quickly add up over the course of a year; individuals typically spending between 5-20 minutes each day looking for things they have lost [1, 2].

Uncluttering can make it easier to find what you need and creates a clean workspace where it’s simple to get work or hobbies underway. Plus, when it’s time to move houses, less possessions mean less packing/unpacking time (and maybe even cost savings!). Donating items you no longer use benefits charities while helping other find them at affordable prices.

3. It’s easier to relax

An organized home gives us the pleasure of unwinding at the end of each day and is key for relaxation. Cluttered spaces remind us all of all that needs doing and can cause stress and anxiety, making life harder than necessary. To reduce clutter try using drawer organizers in dressers, kitchen and bathrooms to store like items together; switch to paperless billing; and create a monthly budget that you stick with.

Minimalist beauty trends include the fresh-faced “skinimalism” look (light foundation, freckle-popping highlighter and lip oils and glosses); barely there manicures such as milk-bath shades, glazed doughnut nails and Hailey Bieber’s viral claw art); as well as effortless off-duty model hairstyles like ponytails, slicked-back buns or half up braids – this style allows for natural makeup application without clogging pores or feeling heavy.

Starting a minimalist mindset may be challenging at first, but by gradually eliminating unnecessary possessions from your life you will quickly begin reaping its benefits. To kick start this transformational journey, try giving up one or more favorite things for a few weeks and assess how it affects you afterward.

4. It’s easier to focus

One of the surprising advantages of minimalism is how it helps you focus. By eliminating unnecessary items and clutter, it becomes easier to recognize what truly brings value in life — often experiences rather than objects.

Mary Cleary is Wallpaper*’s Beauty & Grooming Editor, and an advocate of minimalism when it comes to beauty products and skincare regimens. Her preference lies with natural-looking items that offer easy use without clogging pores – these make Mary happy!

Make use of the one-in, one-out rule when it comes to organizing your belongings and declutter papers as soon as they enter your home to prevent clutter from building up. Furthermore, switching to paperless billing and creating a monthly budget that you follow are great ways of staying on track financially while also saving for future needs more easily.

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