How to Create a Cozy and Inviting Guest Bedroom

No matter if it’s for just one night or an extended period, providing guests with a cozy and welcoming guest bedroom is key to their experience.

Make sure your guests enjoy an ideal stay by providing everything they need – such as a comfy bed, clean bedding, luxurious bath linens and storage space for their suitcases.

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When it comes to guest bedroom ideas, the bed plays an integral part in creating a cozy and welcoming space for guests. Therefore, it’s essential that you select a mattress which supports guests’ preferred sleeping position for optimal results.

Design of the bed plays an essential part in helping ensure guests rest comfortably during their stay. A mattress should provide enough support while being soft enough to prevent pressure points and aches from developing.

Selecting bedding styles that cater to the sleeping habits of your guest is also key. Some prefer cotton, while others may want something heavier such as silk.

Proper bedding can help protect the sleeper against sudden temperature shifts, so including different levels of support in their bedding choice is highly recommended.


Lights are essential in any bedroom design, and especially so in guest bedrooms. Layered lighting with overhead ceiling lights and tabletop lamps near the bed provides optimal illumination.

Lighting is key in every room, but especially crucial in guest bedrooms where guests will likely spend most of the night sleeping in darkness, according to Louise Wicksteed of Sims Hilditch (opens in new tab). A bedside lamp and LED reading light should be present.

Shelves above the bed can also be an excellent way to provide guests with space to store their belongings while reading.

Consider installing window treatments with blackout linings so that guests can adjust the heat and light in their rooms to create an intimate, homey setting. This will make them feel more at ease and help create an individualized guest experience.


An inviting guest bedroom needs ample storage to protect its visitors’ belongings. Be it small drawers or wardrobe, ensure there is enough space for clothes, toiletries and other essentials that could potentially clutter the floor space.

If your guest room lacks a closet, a clothing rack is an easy and stylish solution to provide guests with somewhere to hang their belongings while visiting. Plus, this multifunctional furniture piece adds flair and personality to your decor!

Book stacks can make an excellent addition to a guest bedroom, providing them with some peaceful reading time even during busy household moments. Candles add an aura of comfort that might otherwise be too dim for nighttime reading sessions.


Your guest room should be designed in such a way as to ensure it welcomes and comforts your visitors, with decor that reflects both you and them. Keep the decor tasteful yet simple for maximum impact.

Include some personal touches to remind guests they’re at home; such as framed artwork or a small vase filled with blooms. This can make an excellent addition.

Your window treatments can also make an impactful statement about your hotel or resort’s design aesthetics. A combination of blackout curtains layered over light-filtering shades can ensure your guests sleep soundly in rooms with large windows, especially with blackout shades installed over them.

Lighting can make an enormous difference in a guest bedroom. A combination of overhead ceiling lights, tabletop lamps and task lights will provide your guests with all of the illumination necessary for daily tasks in their sleeping quarters.

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