Repurposing Furniture for a Unique Look

Repurposing furniture can be an excellent way to add unique pieces to your home. Old dressers could become media stands and old desks could even serve as dining tables!

Upcycling projects are not only stylish, but can save money and help the environment too! You will be surprised at just how simple it is to transform an old item into something brand new!


Wood pallets provide an economical and functional source of furniture. Constructed primarily from low-grade oak (a hardwood) or southern yellow pine (a softwood), pallets come in all sorts of sizes and shapes that make them suitable for shipping purposes – yet many DIYers now turn them into creative DIY projects for all sorts of tasks.

Pallet accent walls add rustic charm to any room, and can be customized to reflect your individual taste. A pallet accent wall is an inexpensive and creative way to personalize any room or office; use pallets to build wall hanging frames, mural stands or custom organizers as part of this project!

Pallet wood can also be transformed into an herb garden for a fun and unique home decor accent. Not only is this project budget and eco-friendly, it can add color and excitement to your kitchen space; plus the pallet craft doubles up as a unique shelf solution!

Antique crates

Wooden crates make great storage solutions and can be reused in numerous ways, adding character and rustic charm to any room in the house. Use them for accent pieces like artificial plants or artifacts on display. Find old wooden crates at flea markets or thrift stores; new ones come equipped with compartmental dividers so that wine bottles and other items are securely stored away inside them.

Create a charming nightstand from an old wooden crate by painting it a vibrant hue, hanging it from the wall using rope or strong hooks, and placing a small houseplant, books or decorative trinkets on its shelf.

Turn wooden crates into bookcases as another creative repurposing idea! This DIY project can be completed quickly. Customize it to match existing decor or use them as a blank canvas for something completely unique!


Repurposing cribs can make for an excellent way to remember their childhood years! Reusing cribs makes an affordable yet functional statement piece in any household, as seen here by our list of ideas below.

Take apart an entire crib or use just its side rails to create an adorable desk for the children! Add shelves for storage and a work surface, and they’re sure to love their new desk!

Make an impactful statement at parties or seasonal decorations – or use it with kids to draw! Sustain A Blog has an excellent tutorial that will show you how. However, please note this project requires handyman skills for optimal success!

Old doors

Old doors provide a stunning canvas that lends itself to creative designs of all sorts. Their ridges and grooves add texture, while distressed paint brings out its natural colors – all this may take more work than other projects, but the end result will more than justify your time investment.

An old full-length mirror fashioned from an upcycled door with window panes makes an eye-catching centerpiece in any foyer or entryway. Its reflective surface reflects light beautifully, adding visual interest. Furthermore, its recessed panels create a perfect frame for family photos, wreaths or any decorative items you might display on it.

An old door can easily be transformed into a bench for use in any foyer or entryway, complete with hooks and storage compartments for hooks and storage bins. A shelf is added at the top for display purposes or book storage, providing the ideal place for taking on and off shoes as well as holding coats or bags. Original doorknobs and hinges should remain for an authentic appearance; additional knobs or locks may be added depending on desired.

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